Texas Probate Attorneys, Trust Administration Attorneys, and Will Contest Attorneys

When a loved one passes away, certain assets may pass to beneficiaries automatically without the need for court involvement. Unfortunately, because most assets do not pass automatically, court involvement often becomes a necessity.

This court process is called probate. If your loved one has passed away while residing in or having assets in Florida and the assets were not placed in a trust, then you will probably have to settle the estate through probate.

Regardless, you should meet with an attorney to see if a probate (admission of foreign will to record, disposition without administration, summary administration, formal administration, domiciliary administration, or ancillary administration) is necessary.

We Offer Comprehensive Probate and Trust Services

Here are just a few …

Probate and Estate Administration

When all else fails, probate may be required. We can assist in all forms of Texas probates:

  • Admission of foreign will to record,
  • Disposition without administration,
  • Summary administration,
  • Formal administration,
  • Domiciliary administration, or
  • Ancillary administration

Florida Trust Administration

Winding up a trust after someone passes is a much easier process than a probate. Here are some of the things all Trustees must do:

  • Read the trust documents;
  • Contact all beneficiaries;
  • Gather all the assets;
  • Value and manage the assets;
  • Notify required potential creditors;
  • Address debts, taxes, and final expenses; and,
  • Distribute any remaining income and assets in accordance with the trust.

Will Contest

We can help fight for your rights. We can assist with challenging a Last Will and Testament if you think some was improper (lack of formalities, lact of capacity, undue influence,…) We can also assisting you in asserting your legal rights as a spouse (election for elective share or homestead).

A Strong Reputation for Compassionate, Diligent Probate Administration

Probate in the state of Texas can be fairly quick and inexpensive; however, in some cases it can become lengthy and time-consuming. Probate can be overwhelming, especially during times of grief. The attorneys at The Joyal Law Firm understand this and strive to do what we can to bring peace of mind through trusted advice and a relatively painless probate process.

At the outset, we provide our clients with realistic work, time, and goal expectations. Our firm is known throughout Montgomery County and surrounding areas for our diligent work in the area of probate administrations. With years of experience, the attorneys at The Joyal Law Firm have successfully guided their clients through matters related to Texas probate, Texas estate administration, Texas trust administration, Texas will contests, and related matters.

If a loved one has passed away and you require probate assistance, the attorneys and team at The Joyal Law Firm can help!

Texas Trust Administration

Winding up a trust after someone passes is a much easier process than a probate. Often, a trust administration can be completed thirty days after a death certificate is issued. While some trust administrations can take longer, the process is much easier than a probate, since court involvement is not generally necessary. The Trust need not be filed with the probate court. However, as with all estates, there are still steps necessary to administer the trust, as mentioned above.

While an attorney may not be required, trustees/successor trustees often lack the time, resources, or knowledge to personally administer the trust. Additionally, the trustees/successor trustees may not be aware of the liability that can come with the position. Therefore, trustees/successor trustees or beneficiaries may call upon legal, accounting, and investment professionals for assistance. Whether or not our office drafted the original trust documents, we can help a successor trustee(s) or beneficiary deal with the complexities of administering the trust.

Please call our office to schedule a free consultation!

Will Contest and Asserting Your Rights

Whether you want to challenge a loved ones Last Will and Testament or want to assert your spousal rights (elective share or homestead), we can help.

For Will Contests, a will can be challenged by an attorney in a Florida probate proceeding on a number of grounds:

  • Lack of proper formalities;
  • Lack of capacity;
  • Undue influence;
  • Insane delusion; …

Will Contests can be very fact specific. If you believe that you or a loved one may have been improperly cut out of a will or otherwise deprived of a rightful inheritance, or you have questions about a will contest, please call our office to schedule a free consultation!

If you were married at the time to your loved one at the time of his/her death, you have rights! If you believe that you are not getting what you are entitled to or simply nothing, then please call our office to schedule a free consultation!