Over the past two decades, our legal system become more expensive and more indifferent to the needs of the people who must rely on the system - the cost of a civil trial and a resultant appeal may easily reach $50,000.00 to $100,000.00

More often than not, this cost is unnecessary – many attorneys no longer respect each other, their clients or the courts – many judges fail to enforce rules intended to give everyone a fair hearing or apply the rules in favor of politically active attorneys or litigants.

Too many attorneys today assume their job is to harm their opponents – whoever their opponents may be and regardless of the facts of the situation i.e. what’s fair, what’s right or what’s clearly wrong and unjust – these attorneys are not trying to solve their client’s problems because the more turmoil they create, the more they can charge – it’s a classic case of the fox in charge of the hen house.

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Regardless of the facts involved, the outcome of a trial is always unpredictable - people who should win, lose and people who should lose win.

And even if you “win” however, that is defined, the losing side can always appeal  – then the time and cost involved double – the JLF strongly encourages our clients to settle their disputes through mediation – we are very well trained in this process – it is far cheaper, far faster and far more successful than going to trial – the JLF is in the process of doing a complete remodel of our offices and in the process, we will create a first-class mediation center that is scheduled to be open in late fall.  Nothing beats a successful mediated settlement and we will do whatever we can to achieve our clients goals though this excellent medium, but if a trial in inevitable, with our client’s consent, we’ll be ready for that as well.