The Joyal Law Firm understands the stress a pending divorce can inflict – personal, financial, and on the well being of children and extended family.

We relieve that stress because our clients are well informed concerning the laws in Texas – the standard threats: “Mom will never get a dime from me” and “he’ll never see the kids again” or “I’ll take him for everything he’s got” are no more than irrational, emotional outburst that the Texas Family Code prohibits except in extreme cases.


Child Custody

Child Support

Property Division

Spousal Support

Decree Enforcement

Realty Transfers

Parental Rights

Custody Modifications


Grandparents Rights

Possession and Access

Retirement Property Divisions

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Our clients understand the procedural aspects of a divorce as well as the laws regulating all-important custody and property divisions. They understand what will happen, when, where, why and how.

They are protected from start to finish from bad information and they are well prepared to begin new, happier, more productive lives.